Men in high heels + glam magazine ≠ addressing violence against women


It’s coming up to Women’s Month in South Africa (August), where we get to listen to pointless speeches by officials promising that, this time, something will be done about sexism and misogyny in South Africa. We also get to watch private businesses try to make us forget that Women’s Day in South Africa commemorates the courage and resistance of women, particularly black women, and try to cash in by selling us more crap we don’t need while portraying Women’s Day as some sort of mixture of Mothers’ Day and Valentines’ Day.

Marie Claire decided to cash in early this year, and got 18 block-headed (but perhaps well-meaning) celebrities to sell some magazines and model some clothing by Dumond and Fabiani. Oh, and the celebrities were men. Their glorified photo shoot was sold thus:

“To honour women’s month in August, we invited 18 local celebrities to walk in our shoes – literally. As they learned to balance and strike a pose through their discomfort, the shoes became a representation of the experience of being a woman. And with each (sometimes painful) step, the men found a new understanding, appreciation and empathy for women.”

Oh, where does one start?

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